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Civil War Era Gowns and Clothing

From time to time, as circumstance permits, I consider commissions for period clothing or sell clothing which we have worn. The items range from gentleman's garments to ladies day dresses and ball gowns. I have studied numerous publications, historical photographs, diaries, and museum displays of historic clothing. I draw my inspiration from a wide variety of sources and try to be as historically accurate as possible in creating my designs. My costumes are constructed using the same techniques as those used during the antebellum period and I use only historically accurate fabrics and trims.

I do consider commissions based on time I have available.
Construction of a simple day dress takes two to three weeks, a ball gown or more elaborate day dress takes six to seven weeks. I do not construct or carry underpinnings such as corsets, camisoles, or hoops. If you are considering commissioning a dress you must have these items before construction can proceed as I cannot guarantee proper fit without the proper foundation. Prices vary according to the amount of hand sewing involved in a piece, the expense of the fabric and trims, and the complexity of the design.

If you are interested in commissioning a dress please feel free to contact me with any questions using the Contact Form provided on this site.

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